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Service and maintenance

Arctic Air Bunbury are able to service and maintain all air conditioning systems currently installed in your property both domestic and industrial, with fully trained technicians specialising in both evaporative and split systems your annual servicing and maintenance has never been easier to arrange or cost effective to perform.

Our mobile service team will carry out the necessary routine air conditioning service at a time convenient to you, Arctic Air's service technicians ensure any necessary additional repairs are documented and if required arrangements made for rectification.

Why do i need a service ?

Air conditioning systems are incredibly tough in their construction and designed to withstand harsh climates and climate changes, this great design often leads to complacency when the time comes to service and carry out routine maintain on your air conditioning unit.

An often steady decline in air conditioning performance is not always noticeable to the user with the end result being a decline in comfort, increased running costs and a decrease in the associated health benefits that are usually associated with a well maintained air conditioning system.

All air conditioning and heating systems even the most reliable and well known units require and will benefit from Arctic air routine service and maintenance programs including recovering lost performance, eliminating breakdowns and returning your air conditioning to the cost effective unit the manufacture intended.

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